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A Quiet Town Tucked into a Cove... Where You Could  Own at the Beach for $140,000... Live Well on $2,300 a Month... and Find a Relaxing Happy Life Is Easier Than You Ever Imagined

Welcome to the World’s #1 Retirement Haven for 2024...

Dear Reader,

I’d like to show you a small town in a cove on the Pacific Ocean… where a tight-knit community of expats and retirees has broken free of those elements of American life that grind us down over time… the mortgage… the 9-to-5 drill... the bills… the anxieties…

You could leave your home back in the U.S. and be there by lunch time for fresh, grilled Mahi-Mahi and a passionfruit margarita on the beach at a little restaurant called Hemingway’s...

In the evening, you could pull the door shut on your second-home escape with its swimming pool out back, where the sweet scent of plumeria lingers in the air... and stroll a few minutes to the beach to meet the neighbors to watch the sun set pink, then orange on the sailboats in the harbor...

Hi, Jennifer Stevens here—Executive Editor of International Living.

Every year since 1991, International Living has indexed, ranked, rated, compared, and contrasted the world’s top countries for overseas retirement.

We’re gathering our in-house and in-country teams to discuss our 2024 Global Retirement Index—who’s in, who’s out, and, most importantly, who nabbed the #1 spot and why…

And I’d like YOU to sit in.

The event is called:

The BIG Reveal!
The Best Places to Retire Overseas in 2024
(You Can Attend On-Demand TODAY—Details Below)

I sincerely hope you’ll be there—this on-demand event is ready for you to attend right now—details below. You’ll hear from our in-country contacts—retirees and expats who were once in your exact shoes. And over two-and-a-half eye-opening hours, they will show you how you can best take advantage of the opportunities we see on the ground... opportunities for better living, smarter investment, and rewarding travel, too.

We’ll talk about—

  • Where you can live well—housekeeper included—for around $2,300 a month (or even less), and enjoy a low-stress life day-to-day in a place where you can afford to relax...
  • How to access excellent healthcare (and much more affordable insurance—with premiums as low as $78 a month for a couple) in the world’s top retirement destinations for 2024...
  • Specific communities you should know about—after all, you don’t retire to a “country,” you settle in a particular town, village, city... so we’ll point you to those specific communities you should know about (many of which fly under the radar), where you can embrace your ideal retirement...
  • Different ways to capitalize on opportunity from an investment point of view... where to get in for a song and ride the path of progress to profits... (while enjoying the place at the same time if you want to!)...
  • You can gain greater flexibility in where you travel and spend time when you have a second passport. So we’ll show you how to get one in each of the top destinations for 2024... including a coveted European passport (it’s more accessible than you probably realize)...
  • And lots, lots more...

In fact, let’s dive right in.

Because it’s easy to upgrade your lifestyle in the world’s top retirement havens, and I want to give you an idea about how—and where—you can do it best in 2024...

In the #1 Haven for 2024... Beers at Sunset... Peace... and Beach Living on $2,300 a Month

“We are mortgage-free half a mile from the beach...” say James and Jeanne B. from their perch in a little coastal town set at the edge of a long stretch of white sand in the world’s #1 retirement haven for 2024. (You'll hear from them at our event!)

“Our days are spent walking our dogs... listening to howler monkeys in the jungle behind our property... grabbing a beer or glass of wine around 5:30 pm to watch the sunset, and planning for the next friend or family member who wants to visit...”

Life wasn’t always that relaxing and low-key, though. As they tell it...

“We were stuck. Stuck in jobs sucking every bit of soul we had left in us. Stuck paying for a house and all the ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ trappings.

James and Jeanne were stuck in what they call the “crustiness” of aging—living under a consistent hum of worry and anxiety that robbed them of real energy, joy, and vitality.

“So we decided to make a change,” they say, “to stop making excuses about why we had to live the life we were living and take our lives back so that we could enjoy the next 20 to 30 years on our terms.

“Once we stopped all the excuses for not making a change—and there were many of them—we got to the one reason we had to change, and right away: because living a life of joy and peace meant we could be there more for the people we love and be of service to others.”

Today you’ll find James and Jeanne living in a beautiful home in a small, walkable beachside community along a vast stretch of palm-lined sand that meets the Pacific...

Think Naples, Florida, but quieter, quainter, and where a couple can live comfortably for between $2,300 and $4,000 a month, housing included... depending, really, on how much you want to spend on your rent, whether you’ll go out four times a week or three times a month, and so on.

In This Peaceful, Under-the Radar Spot in Our #1 Haven for 2024—Rent from $850 a Month

This unsung town on the coast in our #1 haven for 2024 is about half an hour from two bigger tourist hubs—one to the north, one to the south. An expat couple based in this under-the-radar spot says that's ideal, because “it means we can go to more touristy areas when we're in the mood, but our day-to-day is all about the calm and peace of a less-crowded spot. It's exactly the kind of place we like to call home.” You’ll find restaurants, a sailing center, outdoors outfitters, and a small but established expat community. You can rent from $850 a month.

In this Beachside Town, You Have Easy Access to the Airport, Healthcare, Groceries, and More

Over the last decade, North Americans and Europeans (Italians in particular) have found their way to this quiet town I’ve been telling you about. Though there are little hotels, vacation rentals, restaurants, a sailing center, tour outfitters that’ll take you scuba diving, fishing, on an ocean cruise, or horseback riding... it still flies under the mainstream tourist radar.

That’s a benefit, James and Jeanne say. This town “ticked all the boxes for what we wanted in our ideal spot—close to the airport and top-notch medical care, beautiful beaches, necessary shopping and restaurants in a lovely downtown area, and walkability.”

And this is a place where your dollars really stretch, too. You can find apartments that rent for less—though I liked a beautiful, light-filled 1-bedroom furnished place with floor-to-ceiling windows, set on the second floor, surrounded by mango, almond, and cashew trees. It gives you access to a shared pool, jacuzzi, grill area... and you’re just 800 meters to the ocean—for $900 a month.

Or you could splash out on a lavish, fully furnished three-bedroom villa with modern lines, a private pool, a big patio area, and a great location just a five-minute walk to the beach, restaurants, grocery, and more for $3,500 a month.

That might sound like a lot... but a place like this in San Diego, CA would rent for more than twice as much a month, and you wouldn’t get the pool or the furnishings.

Real estate prices represent similar good value. An airy, garden-setting condo in a small, well-kept complex with a pool—furnished and just a three-minute walk to the beach—lists for $144,900.

You can spend more, of course—and still you’ll feel the good value, that your dollars are buying you a lot. For $545,000, you can own a 2-bed stand-along house with vaulted ceilings and great light, close to the beach. It has its own pool; palapa with pool table, BBQ area, hammocks, dart board, and a half bath; garden... plus a whole second, 2-bedroom house you can rent out to help fund your retirement! What’s more, it comes turn-key, furnished...

This town may fly under the mainstream radar, but it checks a lot of boxes for expats on the ground. As Christelle A. put it, “We love how it is located next to a protected area with a river during the rainy season. We get to enjoy monkeys and beautiful nature every morning. We have a little boat, love fishing, and spend time on the beach. [The water here] is calm... so it is a great place to swim.”

This is a low-key escape, no question...

But this “Naples on the Pacific” is just one community we recommend in this #1 retirement haven for 2024.

We’ll tell you about it—and many others—when you join us for our BIG Reveal! The Best Places to Retire Overseas in 2024.

You’re Invited!

Please Join Our Go-Overseas Experts

I hope you’ll be there. You can get your ticket here below and hear from our go-overseas experts today with this on-demand event.

You might not think that a lot would change from year to year.

And maybe that’s true of places in the U.S.

But the world beyond America’s borders is such a rich place... a lot can happen in a year.

We discover new places all the time... in fact, our 2023 Index saw us add an entire new country we’d never included before (it’s likely to remain on the list for 2024, too, because it’s one of the best values in Europe today.)

At the same time, if you already have your sights on one or two spots for your overseas life, you would do well to tune in and see where they fall on our Index for 2024... and get an update from our people on the ground there. You just might be surprised by what you learn.

We’ll talk about travel (and how you can enjoy lots of it, while you spend less than you would to stay home)... and where to retire in style without breaking the bank...

But we’ll cover a lot more, too... such as where to diversify your wealth and investments... where to buy real estate...

There’s no better way to begin scouting your best options for 2024 than to join the IL team for this special event.

Right now, you can save nearly 90% off the full package we’re putting together when you reserve your ticket now at the bottom of this page. (It includes a bunch of Special Bonuses for you — including the 183-page Global Retirement Index 2024)

The Country the Last 50 Years Forgot

Our top pick for 2024 is a country where it’s easy to find corners that feel as pristine and unspoiled as they were a half century ago.

You find long stretches of deserted and undeveloped beaches, dense jungles teeming with exotic wildlife, towering volcanoes, lush green valleys, and crystal-clear rivers and lakes.

Yet for all the rich natural offerings, it’s hardly a backwater.

As expats will tell you: It’s a pleasure to live here.

As Cathy W. says, “Life here is easy. We no longer have the need to fit any particular identity and we’ve been able to shed that guilt we often felt in the States for just enjoying our time, relaxing, and going about each day exactly how we want.

“And if we need to get something done… we do have access to the conveniences we need.”

As Paul M. puts it, “Our life is much simpler here, and we spend less than at home...  

“It feels good to know that we can live comfortably in this beautiful beach setting...and still have the resources to travel and spend time with family back home.”

He’s not the only expat thrilled with the low cost of living and high quality of life it buys.

“We wanted escape from northern winters, a slower-paced lifestyle, good healthcare, a tropical climate, beach access, and a sense of adventure, as well as ways to stretch our retirement dollars,” Mary M. says. “We found it all [in this #1 pick for 2024].”

Renting for $700 a Month in the Highlands of Eternal Spring

Even if beaches aren’t your vibe, this country has plenty else to offer.

That’s a huge part of the reason we like it: You have lots of choice in how to live.

Up in the hills, temperatures year-round rarely reach higher than the low 80s F, and they might dip down into the 60s F at night. It means you may want a light jacket in the evenings or a blanket on the bed.

Lots of folks who live in this area don’t have heat or a/c in their homes as neither is needed. (And that helps keep costs down.)

A brand-new 1-bedroom open-plan place with quartz countertops and a tidy little yard lists for $209,000.

Rents in these cool-weather hills typically run $700-$1,900 a month.

For $950 a month, you can secure a brand-new, furnished 1-bedroom place with a garden in a popular gated community close to town.

I spotted a beautiful 3-bedroom place with an in-ground pool and jaw-dropping views out over the valleys below... for $1,500 a month.  

A Retiree’s Paradise with Tax-Free Social Security… and Ultra Low Property Tax

Taxes in this country are low—just 0.25% of the appraised value of you home. To put that in perspective: On a $200,000 property, the annual tax would be just $500. Compare that to the many thousands in tax you’d pay in most places in the U.S., and you can quickly save.

Now, if your property is valued at greater than a certain amount (around $250,000 at the moment) you’ll also pay a “luxury tax,” but that, too, is modest—calculated on a sliding scale of between 0.25% and 0.55 percent.

What’s more, in addition to low property taxes, you’ll pay zero income tax locally on income you earn outside this country—like your Social Security, investment income, or any funds you might earn working remotely.

Long a Choice for Expats, It’s Easy, Stable, And Unspoiled by Overdevelopment

(Plus the Politics Are a Real Snooze Fest…)

Our #1 pick for 2024 is low-key and steady—long a stable democracy. And if you’re interested in a part-time getaway, it’s easy: You can stay for 6 months a year on your tourist visa.

If you’re looking for a retirement escape that’s quiet, easy, proven—this country should be on your short list.

As expat Bob N. explains, “I moved to [this] paradise because I wanted to get back to a greater sense of natural beauty and wanted to live a simpler, less harried lifestyle as a retiree.

“Although the beaches where I lived in Sarasota were beautiful, rapid Florida development had led to the beach being completely surrounded by condos and other developments.

“Here I can hop on a bus and 15 minutes later I’m on one of the most beautiful beaches… and when I look around, all I see is pristine jungle and soft white sand.”

Healthcare Better than in Florida, at Half the Cost

Many expats find that private insurance in the world’s top retirement haven for 2024 is very reasonably priced. John and Lori J. got their insurance through Blue Cross... “For a premium of $462 per month, we have better coverage than we had in Florida, and at half the cost,” they say, also pointing out that, because healthcare is less expensive here, a $1 million policy here buys you closer to $3 to $5 million of care.

Close-to-Home, a Natural Wonderland

This #1 country on our 2024 Retirement Index is conveniently close to home, which makes it an ideal retreat for a part-time life overseas as it’s quick, easy, and low-cost to get back and forth to the States or Canada.

With modern shopping malls, world-class hospitals, and reliable high-speed internet available just about everywhere, you won’t lack the comforts of home.

Plus, you should know: This country has quietly, but systematically, worked toward creating an environment that’s sustainably healthy.

With lots of clean water and fresh air, about 28% of this nation’s land mass is protected in national parks and reserves.

It’s one of the only countries in the world to reverse deforestation.

And today it’s home to a whopping 10,000 species of plants and trees and over 850 types of indigenous and migrant birds.

A staggering 99% of its energy comes from renewable sources (compared to just 13% in the U.S.).

One satisfied expat there put it this way: “As U.S. natives who left the hectic, frantic, and often frustrating daily grind in search of more comfort and less pressure, we feel we have found what we’re looking for.”

And you may well, too...  

Or, perhaps you’re in the market for something with, say, a more European flair. You won’t be disappointed...

You’ve got lots of excellent options to consider in the 2024—which we’ll tell you about at our BIG Reveal: The Best Places to Retire Overseas in 2024 Event—including the country that comes in second in our new Global Retirement Index...

You can TUNE IN TODAY—get your deeply discounted ticket here below right now.

Our #2 Pick for 2024 is Europe’s Answer to California

Since I’ve moved here, I feel like I’m at adult summer camp—I play tennis, I go swimming, we go out to eat. But even doing the day-to-day chores like shopping, when you’re in a place that is so beautiful, it is inspiring.” So says one happy transplant to the country that grabs the #2 spot in our Index for 2024.

If you’re intrigued by the prospect of retiring to Europe... but you’re not sure where to go or if you can afford it, I have good news...

In the country that takes the #2 spot, you’ll find a low cost, high quality of life... great climate... trusted healthcare system... a safe and stable environment... and English is widely spoken.

“What’s life like, really? It’s easier…by magnitudes,” says expat Jen W., who moved from California to our #2 pick. “People are nicer. The pace is slower. Everyone is quick to help and make you feel welcome. The stress of the daily grind has melted away.

“...the slower pace and lack of pressure here makes all the difference in how our lives are experienced. Plus, we now have the added bonus of quick and affordable travel around Europe, and even parts of Africa, just a two- to three-hour flight away.

“What you’ll find in [this country] can be pure magic—great weather, stunning beaches, charming architecture, scrumptious food, a phenomenally friendly expat community, a vibrant multi-national culture, welcoming locals, and a focus on living life and spending time with friends and family.”

A Genteel European Life for
$2,494 a Month

You’ll find lots of options here for living well... and plenty to do!

As one expat put it, “The quality of life here is amazing... so much better [than back home]... my main activity is trying to figure out how I’m going to fit all my activities into the day.

Here you can choose an environment that suits you—and live comfortably for around $2,494 a month for a couple.

Even along a sunny coast that you might expect to be expensive, you’ll find real bang for your buck when you know where to go.

Expat Rick S., proves this point, saying, “We currently rent a house with roof terrace and ocean view in [a beach town] for €500 a month. Only a 10-minute walk from our doorstep, there are five different beaches to choose from. In the States, a property like that would be quadruple the price at least.”

I found a condo just steps down the coast from where Rick is renting for €750 a month, a pretty studio apartment with great ocean views a five-minute walk to the beach.

In this same area, €319,000 gets you a 3-bedroom apartment close to the historic center of town and just 700 meters from the beach. Here you’re in a vibrant neighborhood with lots of cafes, bakeries, pharmacies, supermarkets, schools. There’s lots of golf close by and a well-established marina.  

That “European lifestyle” you may dream about... the slower pace, the two-hour lunches, the great wines for a few bucks a bottle, the museums, the fresh ingredients and fine cooking... it can all be yours. A genteel existence for less than $30,000 a year.

It’s a great example of a place where you can spend less than you do now... but live better.

“I Spend 40% Less in Europe Than I Did in Michigan”

That’s what Glenda C. is doing. As she reports, “Last year, I bought a villa on a golf course with stunning views, about 15 minutes from [town]. It has four bedrooms, five bathrooms, a dedicated office, and my own swimming pool. Every room overlooks the wraparound balcony or the pool, so the whole home is filled with beautiful sunshine. I tell my friends I would be living in the servant quarters of a place like this in the U.S.

“These days, I have an incredible lifestyle for about 40% less than I was spending in Michigan... I would say I’m living the dream... but the reality is even better than that.”

In Our #2 Retirement Haven—Community Is Strong, Pace is Slow

In the country that takes the #2 spot for 2024, the café culture is rich and runs deep. From early in the morning until late at night, locals can be found sipping coffee at their local café. They gather to talk, read the paper, watch the ever-present television suspended on the wall, and visit neighbors at all hours. These establishments are magnets for communal watching of important sporting matches.

“We found a more relaxed lifestyle [here] than anywhere we lived in the States,” says one expat. “Parks everywhere burst with fragrant, colorful flowers, and it seems there’s a café on every corner in cities, towns, and villages. To sit outdoors and linger over coffee and pastry or a glass of wine without the slightest pressure to pay the check and move on is an emotional breath of fresh air.”

Old World Ambiance, New World Conveniences

In this country that takes our #2 spot for 2024 you can find yourself surrounded by ocean, rivers, and pine-shrouded mountains and hills...

... but still have all the comforts and conveniences of a modern city... combined with the historic elegance of Old World buildings and ambiance.

There’s a gem of a town we’ll tell you about during our event, for instance, a bit of a holdover from before tourism and modernity swept through much of this country...  

This ancient fishing village dates to at least the fifth century and doesn’t feel terribly far removed from that ancient past today. Parts of a fortress wall, once encircling the town, still stand in ruins. A well-preserved 13th-century clock tower still fronts the central square, now packed with lively cafés and restaurants...

As one of the expats who will be joining us as a speaker at our BIG Reveal: The Best Places to Retire Overseas in 2024 Event describes it:

“Narrow alleys weave through centuries-old facades that house homes and shops selling fresh produce, locally-made clothes, and porcelain tiles. You could walk the entirety of it in an hour... maybe less, depending on your desire to stop and take pictures, or to wander through the shops. Old Town feels far more local than you’ll experience in larger cities.”

Plus this town sits at the intersection of two rivers, and the ocean is less than a mile away. It means that here you can fly fish, bike, hike... or relax on the beach... it’s a place where you can embrace exactly the sort of lifestyle you’re after. You can have a more urban experience... or not. It’s up to you.

And the values are great. For €190,000, you could own a light and airy 1-bedroom apartment right on the sand. For €298,000 you could have a gorgeous 5-bedroom house with a swimming pool set in landscaped gardens—and with river views...

This spot—still off the European tourist track—is among the towns and villages we’ll share with you when we sit down to reveal and explore with you the world’s top retirement havens for 2024—and the communities in them that you should know about...  

Our #3 Pick for 2024 May Just Be the Easiest Place in the World to Retire

Low-cost, conveniently close, full of friendly locals and plenty of expats—the country that grabs the #3 spot on our Global Retirement Index for 2024 hands you an appealing balance of exotic foreign culture and familiar, First World lifestyle.

It may well be the easiest place in the word to retire. You can stay for up to six months on a tourist visa, which makes it simple for part-timers. It’s easy and convenient to get in and out—with lots of flights daily... and you can even drive there.

From white sand beaches to little artsy towns... from big, cosmopolitan cities to villages tucked into lakeside coves, it’s possible for pretty much anybody to find a lifestyle that fits.

The healthcare is top notch and low cost. On average, a visit to a private doctor—specialists included—will cost $25 to $50. A house call—yes, doctors still do that in this special haven—will cost about the same. Lab tests are about a third of what they cost in the U.S. An overnight stay in a private hospital room costs around $100. A visit to a dentist for cleaning will set you back about $35 to $50.

And the savings goes on...

When You Spend Less on Necessities, You Have Funds to Do More

When it costs $200,000 for a house you’d pay $300,000 for back home, you’re left with savings you can spend on living well—travel, go out to eat. You can employ a maid for about $5 an hour and a gardener for $5. Pamper yourself with a manicure, pedicure, and haircut... and pay less than $60.

For a small home, you can expect your annual property taxes to come to no more than $200. Your electricity bill will likely cost between $25 and $50 a month (unless you use air conditioning a lot), gas about $25 a month, cable TV and internet about $50 a month, and basic telephone service about $20.

“You can be on vacation every day—or at least feel like it—when you live in this country’s west-coast beach towns,” says one expat there.

A couple can live well—all in—for about $1,905 a month. That’s less than $23,000 a year.

It’s a place where you can live large—but do it on as little as a Social Security budget.

That’s what Rip R. does. He lives in the heart of a historic town on the water where he rents a 1-bedroom apartment three blocks from the beach for $800 a month. His monthly electric bill? About $19. 

“It’s 35-40% Cheaper Here”

With prices like that, you can see how your nest egg could stretch.

Dwight H., who left Santa Fe, New Mexico for an arts-rich town in this colorful, good-value country reports that, “It’s probably 35%-40% cheaper here. And our needs are fewer here, especially since we don’t need a car. Taxis are $2.50 to $3 anywhere in the city, when it’s too far to walk.

“The climate is nearly perfect, so utilities are a fraction. Taxes are a fraction. We have full-time housekeeping/gardening help and have become very spoiled.”

This #3 finisher in the 2024 Global Retirement Index is a place where you can trim your costs but watch your lifestyle expand.

And even though it’s a place where established expats make it easy for you to settle in, there are still undiscovered gems to keep an eye on—and we’ll bring those to you during our BIG Reveal: The Best Places to Retire Overseas in 2024 Event ... 

You can TUNE IN TODAY—get your deeply discounted ticket here below right now.

Like an elegant city escape that still flies under the radar. In the early 1900s, this place was said to have more millionaires than any other city in the world. Colorful mansions sprung up and many of these spectacular buildings are still standing in all their glory.

In one neighborhood you should know, in particular, you’ll find a lovely little park and church, and nearby shops include a thrift store, a health food store, and a little bakery—it has the feel of a small, local village. You can rent a beautiful, furnished 2-bed home here from around $875 a month.

The World Is Full of Sound Options for Good-Value Living... When You Know Where to Look

All over the world, you can find excellent places to slash your cost of living while you improve your quality of life... from Malaysia to Malta...Italy to Uruguay... Spain to Greece... and well beyond. And I’m not the only one suggesting it’s a good idea...

“For retirees with a sense of adventure and a taste for the good life—even if they lack a bank account to match—a change in latitude might be the perfect plan.” –Kiplinger’s Personal Finance

“If you’ve been racking your brain about where to retire on a budget, it might be time to think outside the U.S.” –USA Today

“Your dream of exploring a foreign country doesn’t have to end when your paychecks do. Leaving the U.S. can open the door to a more affordable retirement in an exciting new spot.” –CNBC

I’d like to point you to the places that make the most sense today... and share useful insights to help you find the spot that makes the most sense for you. We’ll share secrets like—

  • How you can lower your taxes by spending all—or part—of the year outside the U.S.
  • The fastest, easiest way to get a second passport.
  • How to use real estate to build wealth and create a life where you live on permanent vacation.
  • Smart ways to travel better, explore your best options efficiently, and see the world without breaking the bank...

PLUS, we’ll introduce you to—

  • The overseas haven with the best retiree incentive program in the world designed (very well) to entice folks just like you by charging no taxes on outside income like your Social Security, offering discounts on everything from healthcare to airline tickets, easy residency requirements, and providing low-cost, high-satisfaction living...
  • The ancient Greeks dubbed this sunny, coastal delight of a country “the Land of Honey,” and it’s every bit as sweet today as a retirement locale. One of Europe’s warmest, sunniest spots, this largely overlooked English-speaking nation rarely makes the best-of lists... but it’s on ours, and you’ll see why...
  • Southeast Asian nations—which shut down tight during the pandemic—are opening up again now (at long last), and we’ll show you where to look and why they just may offer the best bang for your retirement buck on the planet.
  • How one Caribbean nation—a “no shoes, no shirt, no problem” kind of place—is quietly positioning itself to be the region’s smartest escape if you like the idea of turquoise waters, white talcum-fine sands, and a truly chilled out lifestyle. This is an excellent spot if you want to start a little beach bar or dive shop... or if you’re just looking for an easy place to escape the winter cold.
  • Where to go when things fall apart... it doesn’t hurt to have a Plan B. And in the “Switzerland of South America,” you’ll find a politically, economically, socially stable country with excellent healthcare, a low cost of living, good infrastructure, and a decidedly European feel...
  • And I’m just getting started here...

All around the world, you’ll find communities well worth your attention as retirement havens—in places like Greece... Panama... Ecuador... Roatan... Ireland... Spain... Portugal... Mexico... Costa Rica... Italy... and lots of places in between...

At our online event, we’ll show you how the top 17 nations compare to one another in terms of housing... visas and benefits... cost of living... climate, healthcare, and more.

If you’re interested in narrowing down your options so you can home in on the places likely to make the most sense for you, given your preferences, budget, needs, and dreams... then there is no better resource out there than our 2024 Global Retirement Index.

And, we’ll reveal it to you in full... and show you, step-by-step, how to get the most value out of it...

Get your full access to our 2024 Global Retirement Index (complete with a 183-page in-depth report) at no charge—as part of the special offer we have on the table for you today, here below.

We Track Opportunity
We’ll Show You Where to Find It in 2024

This Index is important in part because the world is not static. Things change. And that’s why we start fresh in producing it each year. Because it reflects a vibrant world. And we want to show you what that means for you.

You’ll always find opportunity somewhere—but that opportunity is a moving target.

In 2023 we saw Europe crack down on the easy “Golden Visas” that countries like Portugal and several Caribbean nations were offering—back doors to the EU, effectively.

(BUT... you can still get one—a Golden Visa that gives you permanent residency and even a path to a second passport—for an investment of as little as €250,000 in a property in Europe. You’ll find out where in our 2024 Global Retirement Index)

Your dollars remained strong this year in Europe and in Mexico, for instance. That meant that you had greater buying power than in many years prior. Your dollars bought you more. And they’re likely to continue to do so in the year to come. We’ll talk about where...

Countries around the world have been rolling out the red carpet for folks who want to come and work remotely—but some of the visas on offer are proving to be a better deal for you than others. We’ll shine a light on the locales most worth your while in 2024... and talk about the ones you should be wary of.

You’ll Hear from the Experts as We Explore the World’s Best Retirement Destinations

Whether you’re interested in retiring full-time or part-time... owning a place you could visit when you want to and rent out a profit when you’re not there... a way to gain residence in another country and potentially lower your taxes... a path to citizenship and a second passport to gain greater flexibility and freedom when it comes to investments and travel... or some combination of all those things...

We can help. 

At our BIG Reveal:The Best Places to Retire Overseas in 2024 Event, you’ll hear from all these folks —  

Expat Glenda Cole will talk about how she found her just-right spot in Europe, why she feels like she’s hit the lifestyle jackpot, the many ways her day-to-day life (and her health) have improved, and what she’s learned about how easy and affordable it really can be to embrace the retirement of your dreams...

Expat Bel Woodhouse traded her busy life as a Navy nurse for a laid-back existence in the Caribbean. She’s seen much of the world—so she had lots of points of comparison—and she’ll tell you why she chose the community she did and how you, too, could live there, surrounded by postcard-perfect beaches and warm blue water, for less than $2,000 a month.

Ted Bauman, IL’s Global Diversification Expert, will provide some context for the opportunities on offer around the world today. And he’ll dive into the top three retirement destinations for 2024, in particular, to talk about how you could put yourself on a path to residency and a second passport in each of them...

Expat Bekah Battone will show you why her laid-back Pacific-coast escape is perfect for somebody who wants to be close to the States, have access to good healthcare, prioritizes sunny skies, and is ready to be in a place where you can afford to chill out and relax.

Expat Wendy Justice will tell you all about the low-cost, cool-weather Colonial City she calls home, and explain why it could make good sense for you if you’re looking for an artsy place that’s big enough to be cosmopolitan, but community minded enough that you’ll know your neighbors.

Ronan McMahon of Real Estate Trend Alert will share his take on our top three countries from an investment point of view and talk about what he looks for in a market when profit potential is the priority, when lifestyle is top of mind, and how you can combine both. And he’ll point you to specific markets worth watching in our top locales.

Expat Jeff Opdyke decamped to Europe in 2018 and has fallen in love with the easy travel, the great healthcare, the good-value living, the café culture, the great food, and the lower cost of living. He’ll talk about where he started and where he’s ended up and why he believes Europe is worth your attention.

Expat Kathleen Evans is meandering between several locales overseas—in Central America and Europe. She'll talk about why she and her husband have arranged their lives this way, share her favorite spots, and explain how it is that their jet-set existence costs them less than it would to stay put in the U.S.

Suzan Haskins, Senior Editor, International Living, will be on hand to talk about the best ways to plan a scouting trip when you’re investigating your overseas options. How long do you need? How do you arrange your trip? Where should you look for good-value accommodation? And more...

And me, Jennifer Stevens, IL’s Executive Editor—I’ll be your host and open up the floor for your questions during this program so you can be sure you come away with the insights and answers you’re looking for so you see—very clearly—how you might plot your own escape to a better retirement overseas...

Jump-Start Your Overseas Plan with this Exclusive 2.5-Hour Event
Make 2024 Count... and Go Abroad with Ease and Confidence

Our BIG Reveal: The Best Places to Retire Overseas in 2024 Event is our ONLY program focused on our picks for the places most worth your attention in the new year.

In years past, we’ve included as much about our annual Global Retirement Index as we could in our magazine and in the giant companion guide we create for it. But it always feels like there’s not enough space to give it as much attention as we’d like to.

So this time... we’re doing it up right! We’re pulling a whole group of our experts together in one place at one time to talk to you—LIVE—and really explore in-depth the spots most worth your attention.

We’re hosting this program because we wanted to be sure to connect you sooner rather than later with the important—and timely—information and guidance you need to put your go-overseas plan in place quickly and efficiently.

Our aim is to connect you with our experts and on-the-ground contacts and resources so that you can find your path abroad with ease and with confidence.

Match What You’re Looking for Overseas with a Real Place on the Map

When you join us to explore the world’s top retirement destinations, we’ll give you a FREE copy of our 33rd annual Global Retirement Index. In this master resource of 183 pages, we compare, contrast, rank, and rate the top 17 countries we believe make the best retirement havens across 7 categories, like climate, cost of living, visas, housing, healthcare, and more...

In an era when most news outlets have slashed their budgets and cut their overseas bureaus... and at a time when there’s so much inaccurate, incomplete information out there... we put our 2024 Global Retirement Index together “the old fashioned way.”

That is to say: We put boots on the ground... just as we have each of the last 33 years we’ve published this in-depth country comparison.

We keep our people in place overseas, reporting back with real-world, up-to-date recommendations and guidance. In other words: This is not compiled by Google search or with unverified, crowd-sourced data. What we do is substantive, methodical, comprehensive, and we take it seriously.

Is our Global Retirement Index subjective? You bet. That’s what makes it useful. Other indices are put together at a distance using stats that may or may not be reliable or relevant.

By contrast, we combine data with the informed judgment and real-world experience of in-country expats… folks just like you who have made the move and learned all their lessons the hard way.

They live in the countries they’re expert in. And they’ve been there long enough to get under the skin of their host nation and provide us with real understanding about what it’s like to live there.

When it comes right down to it, only you can decide what will make you happy. But we can point you to the places that are likely to suit you best and save you the trouble, time, frustration, and expense of trying to figure that out on your own.

Here at International Living, we’ve been showing smart, adventuresome, travel-loving folks where to go for 44 years now. And we’d like to show you, too.

I encourage you to access your seat quickly.

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Yet we’re putting them all together in one place at one time for you so you can benefit from their insights and recommendations from the comfort of your own home. And it’s ready for you to access today—on demand.

Only we won’t charge anywhere near $299. Because we know there’s an enthusiastic appetite for timely, reliable, real-world guidance about going overseas among our IL membership—and we want to make sure this is accessible to as many people as possible—we’re pricing this program at just $129.

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BONUS #1: IL’s Global Retirement Index 2024 is yours at no charge when you take advantage of this special offer. This detailed comparison ranks, rates, compares, and contrasts the best countries in the world to retire in today. Created by our team—with input from our experts based around the world—this giant resource hands you 183 pages of insights from the field. It is the most useful tool we know to help you match up what you’re looking for in an overseas locale with a real-world place where you can find it. (value: $100, included free)

BONUS #2: Springboard to Your Dream Retirement: Tools and Strategies for the Good Life Overseas. Inside this resource, our IL experts share practical guidance like a little-known tax secret that could save you thousands. (It’s a way to pay zero U.S. income tax on the first $120,000 you earn.) Find out how you could go overseas rent- and mortgage-free, and enjoy months on end of adventure, living like a local—but paying zero for your accommodation. Plus, get portable earning strategies you can use to take an income with you anywhere you go. (value: $29, included free)

BONUS #3: Your Dream Retirement in Our #1 Retirement Destination for 2024—5 Towns You Need to Know From beachy escapes to spring-weather getaways, you’ll find all sorts of good-value options for retiring in style but spending less. (value: $29, included free)

BONUS #4: 6 Hidden Expat Retirement Gems in Our #2 Pick for 2024 If it’s Europe you’ve always dreamed about, then you’ll want the low-down on the six towns we point you to in this special resource. Artsy, foodie, warm-weather escapes that won’t break the bank. (value: $29, included free)

BONUS #5:  Secrets of Our #3 Retirement Haven for 2024—5 Great-Value Communities Expats Love Long a popular escape for expats, this diverse country rich with history, great food, and welcoming people offers a huge range of lifestyle options—from laidback beach towns to cosmopolitan cities—all great value. (value: $29, included free)    

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December 2023

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UPGRADE BONUS: The Second Passport Report (value: $27, yours FREE today). You may already qualify for a second passport and not even realize it. With a second passport, you can gain greater flexibility in where you live, where you can earn, where you can travel, and more. A second passport can help you avoid foreign policy stigma and “Yankee Go Home” mentality, provide you the legal right to live and work in another country, give you a legacy you can pass to future generations, and more.

UPGRADE BONUS: Snowbird Secrets: How to Join the “Winter Rich” on Less than $34 a Day in These Four Little-Known Destinations (value: $27, yours FREE today). Snow days are nice... when you’re 10. But after a while, grey days, biting cold, and scraping an inch of ice off the windshield starts to get old.  You might find sun in Florida, Arizona, or California... but you’ll pay for it in taxes and high HOA Fees. Fortunately, you can escape to a number of good-value locales overseas where the white sands and blue skies will keep you happy... and he low prices will keep you coming back. If you’re ready to winter over in comfort (and where you won’t break the bank) these four communities are well worth your attention.

UPGRADE BONUS: 7 Little-Known Programs That Hand Out Financial Incentives to Retire Overseas(value: $27, yours FREE today). At home lots of people worry they’ll outlive their nest eggs. But in the right places overseas, you can slash your cost of living and improve your quality of life... effectively doubling or even tripling your disposable income. In fact, there are nations out there throwing money at U.S. retirees.

UPGRADE BONUS # 4: 5 Smart Ways to Travel the World and Pay Next to Nothing (value: $27, yours FREE today). Find out how you can test-drive life overseas and live like a local—for free. Discover a great resource for meeting locals abroad. Explore a cultural exchange that hands you no-cost overnights. When you know the secrets, you can travel in a richer, more interesting way... for less tan it costs you to stay home.

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