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Where to Stash Your Cash Legally” and “Endless Income

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(plus lowering your tax on investments... property taxes... and more!)

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Dear Reader,

If you'd like to pay way less tax, then here's the good news:

You can absolutely reduce or even eliminate the tax you pay to the US government
every year.

I'm talking about income tax... taxes on your investments... property taxes... and more...

I know first hand this is possible. Because I used a little known method myself to pay 0% income taxes for 25 years!

I wasn't doing anything illegal either. The New York Times confirms (in a somewhat outraged editorial) that the method I used is a way to “avoid paying US taxes altogether”!

And tax expert Katelynn Minot says “claiming this...can, in many cases, reduce one's US tax bill to zero.”

On April 3, I'm going to share the blueprint behind this 0% strategy... along with two more blueprints to never paying taxes again... plus a lot more in an exclusive event for IL readers.

It's called: “How to Pay Zero Taxes”

If you pay a dime in US taxes, you should tune in.

No matter your income level or where you live, you'll walk away from this event with a real plan to put more money in YOUR bank account, not the government's.

My name, by the way, is Ted Baumann.

I'm a former economist for the World Bank and wealth expert for high income individuals.

Before we go any further, you should know that I will never advise anyone skirt the law, hide money from the IRS, or be a guinea pig in testing out some novel tax avoidance scheme.

Everything I want to show you is 100% legal.

The other point I want to make is that lowering or even eliminating taxes is not about greed.

It's about being able to choose what you do with your own money... whether that's funding a cause you believe in... or supporting your family... or using it to make up the shortfall when medical bills hit or Social Security comes up short...

If you know you can do a better job of deciding where to put your hard-earned dollars than the current crowd in our Senate and House of Representatives... then you should attend this event on April 3.

But time is ticking... and we expect demand for tickets to be high, so keep reading to secure your spot today.

Event Details for How to Pay Zero Taxes

Date: Wednesday, April 3

Speaker: Ted Baumann, former World Bank economist, wealth expert, and author

Where: Online (secured, private portal)

Event Fee: $399 see your discount below!


  • 3 Blueprints to Stop Paying US Income Tax
  • 0% Capital Gains
  • The IRS Form That Unlocks a “Forbidden Income Stream” Guaranteed by the US Govmt
  • Lowest Tax Countries to Move To
  • Should You Renounce Your US Citizenship to Save on Taxes?
  • The Best Place on IL's List to Operate an Online Business
  • Tax Free Income Investments
  • How to Pass On Wealth to Children or Grandchildren Tax Free

Don't wait to claim your 50% discount on this exclusive event!

I'll share how I personally was able to pay 0% tax for 25 years...

And a lot more, too...

Zero Income Tax... Zero Capital Gains Tax...
Zero Dividends Tax

For example, did you know that “US citizens can now pay zero tax on capital gains”?

All completely legally... that's literally a quote from the New York Times!

They're talking about a strategy I call “the secret of Marin's Island.”

We'll go through it in detail on April 3 – pros, cons, challenges, and opportunities.

As you'll see, 0% capital gains isn't even the best part about “the secret of Marin's Island.”

For example, a small business owner named Simon (leaving his last name out for privacy) reports:

“When I wake up and see the ocean in front of me, I have to pinch myself.

“Here I am, living in a beautiful place … yet I pay ZERO US federal income tax, only a 4% corporate tax for my businesses and ZERO capital gains and dividends tax.

“I'm still a US citizen, and this is all perfectly legal.”

Note: he's still a US citizen. Simon did NOT have to give up his US citizenship for this to work. (That's a common myth – see the “Tax Myths” section lower down to learn more...)

Another American using this secret, 63-year-old Mark, a successful lawyer, says: “When I heard about this, it was too good to be true. But it's real.”

These Americans are not billionaires.

They are Americans who were previously caught in the middle ground: just wealthy enough to get hit the hardest by taxes and regulation... but not wealthy enough to do anything about it...

And then they discovered a way to make wealth effectively invisible and untouchable to the federal government... all completely legally.

As the magazine Inc put it, this secret makes taxes feel like “little more than a rounding error.”

That's why an outraged editorial in the New York Times recently demanded that this income tax opt out be shut down exclaiming: “US citizens can now pay zero tax on capital gains.”

How is that even possible?

It has to do with a “quirk” in Title 48 of the United States Code... a quirk that creates a separate legal code that some Americans can opt into... like a hidden set of rules that, if structured properly, means they never have to deal with the IRS ever again.

I'll share the blueprint on this secret on April 3.

Imagine if you never had to fork over another dime to the IRS.

How much more money would you be enjoying every month?

How much more could you do for your children or grandchildren... or for others?

And look I don't know you personally... but right now you could be paying taxes on hundreds of thousands of dollars that the IRS has no right to touch!

Don't worry – this event won't be a boring slideshow full of figures you can barely stay awake through.

I'll keep it fun and lively. After all, we're talking about blueprints – and more – that you could potentially use to literally never pay another dime of income tax again.

The way things are going, you might be very glad you took the time to learn about these strategies...

How to Prepare for a “Weaponized” IRS and the End of Your Financial Privacy

Last year, President Biden planned to use $45 BILLION to hire 86,852 men and women for the Tax Corps to “strengthen enforcement…conduct criminal investigations…and monitor digital assets.”

Under the proposed new rules the IRS would have oversight over even the smallest transactions you make – requiring reporting for payments as little as $600!

I don't think this is a trend that's going to reverse any time soon... Here's why...

As you probably know, barely a year ago several US banks collapsed – including Silicon Valley Bank, the second biggest bank failure of all time in the US.

What you might not know is that the government's bank is showing the very same symptoms.

I'm talking about the Federal Reserve.

Six months before the SVB collapse, the Federal Reserve began operating at a loss for the first time in 110 years.

People put their cash in banks…the banks put that cash in the Federal Reserve.

When banks fail, the Fed bails out the banks.

But who bails out the Fed?

That's right... you.

If you care about your wealth, then don't wait to sign up for How to Pay Zero Taxes

Secure your ticket today, and you'll even enjoy a 50% discount!

We'll cover:

  • 3 Blueprints to Stop Paying US Income Tax
  • 0% Capital Gains
  • The IRS Form That Unlocks a “Forbidden Income Stream” Guaranteed by the US Govmt
  • Lowest Tax Countries to Move To
  • Should You Renounce Your US Citizenship to Save on Taxes?
  • The Best Place on IL's List to Operate an Online Business
  • Tax Free Income Investments
  • How to Pass On Wealth to Children or Grandchildren Tax Free

That's not all, you'll also receive three exclusive bonuses when you reserve your ticket today.

But first, an important note: while some of what you'll learn is, indeed, for those dedicated to paying zero tax and willing to go the distance to do so... you'll also learn about strategies you can put into place far more quickly and easily...

Get the IRS to Pay You:
Inside The Income Stream Called
“America's Best Kept Financial Secret”

On April 3, we'll also cover how you can use the tax code to create tax free investments and income streams...

For example, if you've ever gotten a refund you might be able to unlock a “forbidden” income stream guaranteed by the US government (with a yield 1,000% higher than the average savings account!).

PBS once called this income stream “America's best kept financial secret.” It was signed quietly into law during the Clinton years to protect smaller investors from inflation.

However, the problem many investors face (if they know about this at all) is that getting your money into this “forbidden” income stream is highly restricted.

But on April 3, I'll share how you can actually get the IRS to invest in this income stream on your behalf.

Then you can sit back and collect a passive income stream 10 TIMES what you'll get on your money from the average savings account – 100% government guaranteed!

If you don't think inflation is likely to subside any time soon (seen the price of eggs recently?), then you'll definitely want to hear about this.

Again, we expect demand for tickets to be high. So do not wait to claim yours at a deep discount today.

5 Tax Myths: BUSTED!!!

Myth #1 “People aren't paying their fair share of taxes in the US!”

Fact: the top 25% wealthiest Americans already pay 88% of all federal taxes collected. The US also taxes on worldwide income – the only developed country to do so. Rich people in France just go live across the border in Switzerland – problem solved. Americans can't do that.

Myth #2 “US taxes are very low”

Fact: When you combine state and federal taxes, the top effective rate in the US is 50.33%. That's higher than “socialist” France, Germany, and England

Myth #3 “It's illegal!”

Fact: Everything you hear about on April 3 is going to be law... not speculation... not theory... but hard, tested law.

Myth #4 “I'll need to renounce my US citizenship”

We'll talk about “expatriation” on April 3. For some people it makes sense. Others not so much. Either way, if you're serious about paying ZERO tax, there are ways to do so without giving up your US citizenship.

Myth #5 “It's not patriotic!”

Consider the words of Founding Father Benjamin Franklin: “it would be a hard government that should tax its people one-tenth part of their income.”

I wonder how he'd feel about 50%?

6 Ridiculous Ideas Your Tax Dollars Are Funding

Look, you give me an idea I can get behind and I'll gladly chip in.

But there was a time, we had intelligent people with big, bold ideas leading this country... they built the Hoover Dam... our highways... they took us to the Moon... they won two world wars!

Here's a sample of the crazy things they're doing with your tax dollars today:

  • Testing if gingerbread houses can withstand earthquakes: $150k
  • Proving if dinosaurs could sing (they couldn't): $450k
  • Maintaining a self-cleaning toilet (that's out of service): $500k
  • Discovering what happens when you put fish on treadmills: $560k
  • Investigating if some people are afraid of the dentist (true): $3.5 million
  • Confirming if members of college fraternities like to drink beer (yes): $5 million

Think Your Accountant Has It Covered?
Consider This...

In 2021, Americans overpaid on their taxes by $1.1 trillion!

And while it's nice to get a refund, that's essentially an interest-free loan you gave the government... You're giving them free money! (Are they doing the same for you?)

Of course, with a tax code thousands of pages long it's no wonder so many people struggle to get it right.

And it's about to get both more complicated and expensive...

Last year, Biden flagged his plans for more tax laws on the way... including plans for tax hikes:

  • Income tax: UP 7%
  • Corporate tax: UP 33%
  • Capital gain tax on stocks: UP 300%

Yes, that last tax is TRIPLING.

Now, not all increases will affect everyone, but if it affects you—it's gonna hurt.

The good news is, it's not too late for you to get started on tax solutions that give you more control.

Meet Your Event Host Ted Baumann

Ted Baumann is a former wealth expert for high income Americans as well as a former World Bank economist. Born in Washington, D.C. and raised on Maryland's eastern shore, Ted also spent years living in South Africa and elsewhere abroad.  

He's also author of several books on asset protection and investing—including Where to Stash Your Cash LegallyEndless Income…and Patriotic Tax Bible.

Ted has spent his life helping people achieve and maintain wealth. Recently he joined International Living as Chief Diversification Expert.

On April 3, I'm Taking IL Readers Through 3 Blueprints to Pay Zero Tax... And a Lot More

Act Today and Get 50% Off!

To recap, on April 3 I'll be taking IL readers through three blueprints for paying zero tax. We'll explore the pros, the cons, the challenges, but also the huge opportunities in greater independence for you and your wealth.

In case you missed it earlier, here's a snapshot of the topics we'll be covering:

  • 3 Blueprints to Stop Paying US Income Tax
  • 0% Capital Gains
  • The IRS Form That Unlocks a “Forbidden Income Stream” Guaranteed by the US Govmt
  • Lowest Tax Countries to Move To
  • Should You Renounce Your US Citizenship to Save on Taxes?
  • The Best Place on IL's List to Operate an Online Business
  • Tax Free Income Investments
  • How to Pass On Wealth to Children or Grandchildren Tax Free

INCLUDES: Follow up Q&A. We'll also be doing a follow up Q&A so you can get clarification on the topics you care about. (Note: I am not an attorney and cannot give personalized tax advice. However, I can give you the knowledge you need before consulting your own tax professional.)

ALSO INCLUDES: Free Recordings. We'll be recording the entire event. When you sign up today, you'll get those recordings free of charge so you can always refer back to anything we discussed.

Think about how much income tax you pay every year.

Whether it's $20,000…$30,000…or more…chances are, that's going to increase in the future.

What you'll learn during How to Pay Zero Taxes could help you, your kids, and your grandchildren—save tens of thousands of dollars.

Every year.

That's why we could easily justify a ticket price of $1,000 or more to attend this exclusive event.

Yet, because of the uncertainty in the U.S. right now…and how quickly the tax take could escalate…I've insisted my publisher price these tickets at least as low as $399.

But you don't even need to pay that today.

In a minute, I'll share how you can claim a limited-time discount.

But first...

There's one more thing you need to know about…

The Most Powerful (yet controversial) Wealth Protection and Zero Taxation Strategy Ever

Even though I'll cover this strategy during the upcoming How to Pay Zero Taxes, I don't want you to wait even a few days to get your hands on this information.

That's why, as soon as you claim your ticket below, I'll send you this report. 

Inside, it details the most powerful way to “opt out” of federal taxes.

And it is 100% legal. (See page 121 of the Pay No Tax Blueprint).

My team has worked for months to create this. It's not available anywhere else.

That's even though the authors behind this blueprint are some of the biggest wealth experts in the US... including the offshoring guru Ron Paul calls “Mr. Privacy”...The Wall Street Journal's former personal finance expert... a former congressman... an international investor and former army intelligence officer...

That's how they were able to include tax tips like the government form that makes $100,000 of your income (and $200,000 if you're married) UNTOUCHABLE to the IRS (see page 33 of the Pay No Tax Blueprint).

Save 50% When You Register Now

As I promised, you don't need to pay even the greatly discounted $399 for your How to Pay Zero Taxes ticket today.

When you register right now—at the end of this page—you can do so at half off and pay just $399 $199.

What's more, I'm adding a few extras when you put your name on the attendee list today...

Register Now, and We'll Include These 3 Extras

This bonus report is about steps you can take from home (or with minimal travel) to protect your wealth.

Like how to use your IRA to “disappear” certain foreign assets…

The “invisible” assets you never need to report (including a special type of non-reportable social security... 

How to get a vault in Panama for $440 a year...

In this bonus report, you'll learn about living in three offshore havens where you can find financial security and freedom (even wealth)...

...including the home to the world's best incentive program for retirees where you'll find one-bedroom beach condos on the market for less than $150,000. affordable Caribbean haven with easy residence and low tax where a couple can live well on a budget of $2,000 a month (rent included).

...The most secure place to own real estate in the world... with low tax and a simple path to citizenship.

And I'll give you a video presentation about The Most Powerful Tax-Free Property Secret.

Did you know there's a simple way you can legally pay no tax on your real estate investments?

If you already own multiple properties or you plan to build a real estate portfolio to help fund your retirement, you need to know about this.

The problem is, right now very few people outside the rich even know about this powerful tax-free property secret… until now.

To guarantee your risk-free seat at my How to Pay Zero Taxes seminar now, simply scroll down and complete the secure order form.

It's first-come, first-served, so make sure you reserve your place now—and lock in your seat at 50% off today!

Ted Baumann
Chief Global Diversification Expert, International Living

April 2024

When you register for How to Pay Zero Taxes With Ted Baumann today, you'll receive:

  • A guaranteed seat (for 50% off)at the LIVE Online Seminar: How to Pay Zero Taxes with Ted Baumann, taking place on Wednesday, April 3 at 11 am EST
  • LIVE Question-and-Answer Session with Ted Baumann—we'll host a follow up Q&A so you can get clarification on the topics you care about.
  • Seminar Recordings—we'll record the entire event, so you can always refer back to anything we discussed.
  • BONUS # 1: Pay No Tax Blueprint
  • BONUS # 2: Wealth Protection From Your Armchair
  • BONUS # 3: Ted Baumann's Triple Lock for Tax Havens
  • BONUS #4: The Most Powerful Tax-Free Property Secret

Your Risk-Free Guarantee

You're welcome to request a full refund on this program when you do so before midnight on April 2.

We'll give you your money back with no fuss. From April 3 (the day this seminar takes place) on, this valuable program is non-refundable.

You're invited to attend this event live and participate in the follow-up question-and-answer session in real time. Plus, you'll also receive the recordings, so if you're unable to join us as this program unfolds, you'll still have the flexibility to tune in whenever it's convenient for you.

And all bonuses are yours to keep, no matter what.

This is the only How to Pay Zero Taxes With Ted Baumann event we plan to hold this year.

Places are first come, first served.

If you care about your wealth, then don't wait to sign up.

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