How to (Legally) Stay in Europe for
6 Months... 9 Months... 1 Year...
or Even Longer

All You Need is Your U.S. Passport…as little as $792 a Month to Live on…and Free Time to Enjoy Yourself... 

Online Seminar Replay Available
for the First and Only Time

Dear Reader,

If you’ve ever dreamed about a life of slow travel through Europe’s historic capitals, sunny rivieras, and rustic countryside…

If your vision of the next ten years includes spending at least some time in Europe… ideally some languid trips where you can linger and really get to know the place...

This is for you.

While most Americans are restricted to just 90 days in Europe on a tourist visa… there’s actually a way to stay 4, 6, even 12 months (or longer) – just using your US passport.

That’s why, just a few days ago, we revealed exactly how to do just that… plus several other pathways to staying in Europe WITHOUT months of paperwork, bureaucrats, and multiple trips to the embassy… (and no need to spend thousands of dollars on a special visa—unless you want to).

Not just that… but we also want to guide you through creating your own plan for a European lifestyle – part time, full time, summer, winter, slow travel… whatever your European dream is.

All you need is your American passport, a budget of as little as $792 a month, and free time to enjoy yourself…

We shared it all a few days ago at our online event:

Where we pulled back the curtain on our best insider strategies for spending up to a year in Europe—plus our recommended gameplan on how to make your time in Europe the best time of your life…

Don’t worry if you missed out—because luckily, we recorded every minute of it…

And for a limited-time only, we’re giving you exclusive access to this biggest, sold-out Online Seminar of the year.

Here’s an example of what you’ll discover inside…

“Euro Hopper Visa Waiver”

Warren and Julie left Florida’s Space Coast and retired early at 51 and 45. In 2020 they began a slow travel adventure across Europe—using this special EU visa waiver to stay in Europe for as long as they wanted...

It was so easy to do that they don’t plan on coming back to the States any time soon…

“We retired March of 2020, and now spend just $2,500 a month…we plan on staying in Europe for 5…10…even 20 years!”

They can do that on just their U.S. passports with something we like to call the simple “Euro Hopper Visa Waiver.”

Their slow-travel retirement has led them from Portugal to Croatia…Hungary to Serbia…Romania, Poland, and Montenegro…

Whenever they come to a place they like, they have the flexibility to stay a while – a month, two months, even three months…

All thanks to this “Euro Hopper Visa Waiver” strategy.

It allows Warren and Julie to go at their own pace, to learn the ins and outs of their favorite spots, to travel not as tourists, but locals.

Warren and Julie bring their two pups— Arya and Katie—everywhere they go! (If you’d like to bring your pets along that’s one thing they’ll talk about.)

You can learn all about how they’ve succeeded in creating this dream life – slow travel, pets, and no visa hassles – straight from Julie and Warren themselves thanks to The European Living Seminar Replay.

They’ll detail exactly how they used the “Euro Hopper Visa Waiver” to live over 1,000 days in Europe – no paperwork, no lawyers, no mind-numbing bureaucracy.

But this strategy is just one way to unlock long-term stays in Europe on a US passport.

Clear, Simple, Reliable Solutions

Look, visas can be complicated and not a little intimidating…and you don’t want to “mess up.” A mistake can have pretty radical implications. Overstay a visa, and you could be barred for returning for years. No kidding.

And in truth: There is a lot of inaccurate and incomplete information out there about this stuff.  You do NOT want to plan your big adventure by Google search alone. It’s not a sound strategy. Because you won’t know what you don’t know.

But we can help. Our experts lay out for you the solutions you need—clearly, simply, and reliably. We’ll show you how to choose the one that makes best sense for you, given what you want to do. And then we can help you plan your trip—where to go, how long to stay, when to travel, and more.

At this special Seminar, you’ll also discover strategies like the…

“Magic” Visa-Free Upgrade

On the surface, it looked like Frank had overstayed his European tourist visa by 3 months! A no-no...

… that’s not a position you ever want to find yourself in.

Yet, as he approached the (rather grumpy looking) European border agent, Frank was cool, calm, and confident.

That’s because he knew, in fact, that he had a “Magic” Visa-Free Upgrade in his back pocket. He used it...  

And the Danish border agent smiled, wished him a safe flight, and let him right on through. No-hassle. No-fuss.

How on earth did Frank manage that?

Well, he knew about an obscure – but 100% legal – EU law that grants Americans an “instant visa upgrade” in 10 European nations...

Another American expat, Steve from Memphis, has used this method for long stays in Europe for over 2 decades…

“I have been taking advantage of the [“Magic” Visa-Free Upgrade] for over 20 years and I can confirm it has worked without a problem!”

This instant visa-free upgrade is just one of the many no-visa secrets you’ll learn, along with this other virtually unknown strategy—

  • The Forgotten World War 2 Law That Doubles Your Stay in Paris—Find out how savvy Americans are quoting an almost forgotten 1949 post-World War 2 law to extend their stay in France well over the 90-day tourist limit.

Or this—

  • The Great British Overstay—Add an extra 6 months to your European trip, with visa-free travel across the UK…explore London, Edinburgh, Cornwall and more! Expat Kristin Wilson left Miami for Manchester in April, and couldn’t be happier, she says: “it feels like what the U.S. was in the 80s and 90s”…thanks to friendly locals, low-costs, and a laidback lifestyle.

From medieval castles in Edinburgh…to bustling London…to charming fishing villages along the Cornwall coast…the United Kingdom has buckets of character—all while feeling like a familiar home away from home…

But that’s not all… far from it… because this won’t be some boring, technical series of presentations… not only will we show you all the ways you can legally enjoy an extended stay in Europe, but we’ll do something much more important: We’ll show you how to make the most of your time there!

Whether it’s 6, 9, 12 months… or even years…

Why 2024 Is the Perfect Time to Slow Travel Through Europe…

You could swap your suburban home for 3-months at your own pied-a-terre on the Mediterranean coast…steps from the beach and for a fraction of what it would cost back home…

“You can get an apartment for $370…[a] modern, nice apartment. I was told my entire life that Europe was crazy expensive, and now I'm realizing I can live like a king here!” Mark in Palermo, Italy

…ditch the car for good and explore Europe by high-speed train, tram, or with flights to Paris, Rome, and Amsterdam that cost less than a McDonalds meal…

…find friends and community wherever you go…

“In Los Angeles, we were always rather isolated. If you wanted to see someone, you had to make an appointment. Here in Lisbon, Cally and I have made many new friends. The people we meet here tend to be very interesting and smart. They are, by definition, international. They have often traveled even more than us!” Expat Ed, in Lisbon, Portugal

All the good things in life cost next to nothing in Lisbon—$2 cappuccinos...$3 bottles of wine...and $1.50 ice-cold beers!

discover a life of easy European luxury on as little as $792 a month… stop skimping on the best of what life has to offer… whether that’s wiling away the hours at a great bistro or café… skiing… lounging on a beach… (even enjoying great healthcare)

Inside, The European Living Seminar Replay, we’ll also show you where to go, when to go, and how to arrange a trip so you can enjoy Europe the way YOU want to... and our insiders will show you how you can do it while spending less than it would cost you to stay home.

Thanks to legal routes, like the “Euro Hopper Visa Waiver”—you can stay for as long as you like... exploring the continent and enjoying the history, the food, the architecture, the art, the beautiful landscapes, the sophisticated cities... and relaxing into a slower pace of life… 

We’ll make designing your ideal trip fun and easy. Because our experts will give you all the insights and tools you need to avoid the tourists and create an itinerary that works well for you and saves you money, too.

Make Your Time in Europe the Experience of a Lifetime With Exclusive Europe Itineraries Handcrafted
By International Living’s Expert Team

“You drive 6 hours in Europe and you're in a different country, with different language, culture, cuisine. You drive for 6 hours in the USA and you still haven’t left Idaho.” Expat Rick in Berlin, Germany

If you long to discover the real Europe... more than you can see on a 2-week vacation... 

If you've always dreamed of wintering over in the south of France... or spending a summer in northern Italy... or taking 6 months to scope out your European options for a second home-base... this event will show you how to do it.

And as a special gift for you, we’ve curated one-of-a-kind European itineraries that offer the best routes to take across Europe, at the best times of year—that can offer lower costs, ideal weather, and authentic local experiences…

Whether you’re traveling for 1 month…3 months…6 months…or even longer…

You’ll have an easy-to-follow route at your fingertips that you can put into action, dipping in and taking the portions that interest you most—or enjoying the whole route for months on end.

Next year, you could—

In fall, watch the seasons change around Ireland and Scotland—sipping pints and feasting on hearty stews in charming pubs with roaring fires…get out in the crisp air on hikes in the highlands…or join friendly locals at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival or the Jazz Festival in Cork…

In winter, jet off to Europe’s Secret Tropical Island…with more sunshine than Florida but without the humidity…in December it stays around 68 F during the day…which makes it the perfect escape from the winter gloom, and here a beachfront hotel starts at $32 a night…

In spring, hit the slopes of Europe’s most overlooked ski destination—it looks like the Alps but costs as little as $50 a day.…then visit the nearby town nicknamed “Europe’s Little Paris” where you can rent a luxury studio, for as little as $298 a month, in the historic Old Town…

In summer, enjoy the near-perfect temperatures of an English summer, and rent a charming 200-year-old beachside cottage tucked away on Cornwall’s white cliff coast…surf, swim in the Celtic Sea…and fuel yourself on fresh seafood paired with refreshing Cornish cocktails.

You can also use these itineraries to create your own bespoke slow travel or get yourself a base in Europe and then do trips away from there—everything is so accessible in Europe, it’s easy to do—so you can go through the recommendations and mix and match what most appeals to you!

With a cost as low as $792 a month to live in Europe (when you know where to go)… and flights for as little as $12… and when you know the strategies for staying legally… you have the freedom to experience Europe as you please.

With The European Living Seminar Replay, you’ll learn our top insider secrets for doing just that…

Let me show you another major secret you’ll learn… this alone could save you thousands every single month you’re in Europe… while also elevating your experience far beyond what most tourists get…

How to Secure Long-Term, Low-Cost Rentals
Anywhere in Europe

Jim Santos is our International Living Podcast Host, a show where he talks with interesting folks living and traveling in Europe and beyond. He’ll share with you his time-tested strategies for planning and enjoying long-term travel in Europe, including strategies and tips for everything from when to go, where to go, resources you can rely on, how to find great accommodation, and more…

Thanks to The European Living Seminar, you’ll discover all kinds of long-term rental secrets too, like—

  • Instantly, find out the BEST neighborhood to stay in anywhere in the world—before you’ve even landed! Anthony says this tip: “Saved me tons of hours and helped me figure out where to stay for a month in Paris!”
  • The Busy Business Traveler’s Search Secret: Discover what stuck-for-time travelers are typing into Google to unlock plush, city-center condos with high-speed WiFi anywhere in the world.
  • How to get the rock-bottom local rental price in any city thanks to these top 10 sure-fire strategies.
  • NEVER get a bad rental again thanks to this simple 6 item checklist…
  • How to use Facebook to snag long-term rentals (and even “save a few thousand dollars” in the process)
  • The top 3 websites that beat Airbnb…
  • …and many, many more!

But what’s even better than low-cost rentals…is getting to stay in Europe’s most popular destinations for free…

Stay in Luxury in London, Paris, and Venice
Yet Pay Nothing

Did you know there’s a travel secret that could mean you’ll never have to pay for a hotel room again…?

For Rachel from New York, it has been a lifechanging discovery:

“We’re spending August in a penthouse in uptown Barcelona with more square footage than we have at home…never mind your average hotel room—for free!”

Or Florida expat, Karlie who saved $7,335 on her lakeside villa stay in the Swiss Alps.

This is one of the best-kept insider secrets for European living… and, we’ll show you how you, too, can tap into it (if you don’t mind a little extra effort on vacation).

Just take a look at the free accommodation available across Europe right now—

  • Central London Townhouse: Stay free of charge in a buzzing London borough, and drink pints in quaint pubs, dine out in Michelin-star eateries, and watch the sunset from your own English rose garden…
  • Pied-a-Terre in Paris: Live out your Parisian fantasy in a place that comes with a gorgeous Eiffel Tower view over the roof tops of Europe’s most romantic city…
  • Old-World Venetian Mansion: Why not live like a wealthy local in Venice in a beautiful home hidden from the crowds…

We’ll tell you all about how to access free accommodation across Europe using this travel tip.

(You’ll also learn how to use it outside of Europe, too. So, you can stay in luxury – for free – wherever you go!)

Recordings Available for the First and Only Time

Gain access to the BIGGEST Europe-focused event of the year…and our most-popular yet…where we delivered clear, simple, up-to-date strategies so you can stay in Europe legally and enjoy a wonderful adventure.

Plus, insider travel secrets and hacks that’ll help you travel better, for longer, and can even save you thousands of dollars at the same time…

  • Handcrafted European Itineraries from the International Living team… whether you’re planning to stay for 1 month…3 months…6 months or more…you’ll have something ready-made for 2024...
  • Long-Term, Low-Cost Accommodation Secrets: From picking the right neighborhood every time…to saving thousands of dollars by having the know-how to never overpay on rentals again…
  • Find out how to snag direct flights that cost less than a movie ticket back home…
  • All the intel you need about visas and rules so you can travel with confidence...
  • …and so much more…

But were still not finished.

There’s even more European lifestyle secrets, tips and tricks to share, like why you should…

Let The Italian Government Pay Your Rent

Spend your rent money on weekend getaways, instead, to Pisa, Rome, and Venice—like Matt and his wife Sally!

Back in Los Angeles, 39-year-old Matt, was living in a cramped condo longing for a change of pace…

Matt says: "I [wanted to be] surrounded by nature, fresh air, mountains, beautiful beaches, where I could find more solace, peace and a slower-paced lifestyle."

Today he lives in a villa in an Italian town with sun-drenched piazzas, terra-cotta roofed villas surrounded by rolling forested hills…

The best part? He lives rent free.

Thanks to the “S-EW” visa, Italy is now welcoming Americans with free rent and tax breaks of up to 90%.

If you’re lucky enough to snag one of these visas, you’ll enjoy getting to now the locals and getting involved in the tight-knit community and share your own knowledge while you’re there. Yet, Italy isn’t the only destination handing out lifestyle perks along with their visas.

Apply For “Europe’s Sunshine Visa”
in 3 Minutes
(without visiting an embassy)

Europe isn’t all grey Parisian skies and thick London fog. In plenty of places, you’ll find more sunshine than Florida!

Right now, one of our favorite spots in “tropical Europe” – Europe’s sunniest island to be exact – also happens to have one of the easiest European visas to get.

You can apply online in 3 minutes from home —without visiting an embassy!

Expat Saul left New York for this sunny European island and loves it: “This apartment with a beautiful terrace overlooking the harbor would cost three times as much back home!”

You’ll learn all about this 3-minute EU visa with The European Living Seminar Replay.

And we’ll cover more “lifestyle perk visas” too.

You’ll also learn about:

  • Western Europe’s Most Affordable Visa for a Long-Term Stay: Expat Francis rents a 1,000-square-foot apartment for just $800 per month. He moved from San Francisco to Budapest—one of Europe’s most affordable capital cities—it’s thriving with trendy cafes, cool bars, and beautiful architecture and you can live well on just $1,748.

Budapest boasts the well-earned nickname—"The Paris of the East."

  • Why You Need to Avoid “Europe’s Most Popular Visa”: This might be one of Europe’s best first-time visas, but there is a hidden reason why Americans end up regretting it. Get all the facts first, before falling for this trap…and why you should consider a next-door destination instead in 2024…

Find out the hotspot that’s launched a visa you can renew..and enjoy turquoise seas...sandy beaches...on as little as $792 a month!

This event is about unlocking that dream trip… that dream slow retirement… whether you want to stay for 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, or even longer... enjoy the culture, the arts, the architecture, the good food…

Enjoy a slower pace of life, when you’ll have time not only to see and experience new things, but also simply relax…

Read those books—or write one. See concerts. Take a no-papers-to-write art history class…

Just enjoy a low-stress, low-key adventure in the Old World.

Your Questions on Slow Travel Through Europe—Answered

This exclusive, one-time, online event is a must for anyone thinking of setting off on a European trip of a lifetime—for 3, 6, 9, even 12 months or longer.

Whether you’re planning on a roving slow travel adventure across Europe, or you want to pick a home base and live a more settled lifestyle—taking long weekends or a week or more away at a time—this event is for you.

Our goal is to answer all of your burning questions, before you start planning, like:

1.    How do I find high-quality, good-value long term rentals all across Europe?

2.    Can I get my Social Security payments while staying overseas?

3.    Where do I go to avoid the cold, wet winters in Europe?

4.    Can I vote while I’m abroad?

5.    Is it easy to get a second passport from Europe? If so, where?

6.    Can I drive on just my U.S. driver’s license?

7.    Is it possible to bring my pet(s) with me? Even my cat?

8.    How can I file my taxes while overseas?

9.    Should I buy a car while I’m there? Or rent one? And how?

10. Is A/C not common in Europe? If so, where?

…and so much more!

This is your opportunity to get the most up-to-date facts on the ground, and prepare you for a European adventure you’ll love…

Changes Coming in 2025 –We’ve Got You Covered

As you might know, American access to Europe is heading for a big change in 2025. But we’ve got you covered…

We’ll explain how to easily navigate the new “ETIAS” European entry system, and why it actually may be a great thing for travelers like us!

Get All the Facts
From Our European Experts

Right Now!

Many years from now…would you like to look back on “that great year”… “that idyllic summer”… “that cozy winter” you spent in Barcelona… Lisbon…. Paris… the Greek islands… and more?

In The European Living Seminar: Where to Stay, When to Visit, and How to (Legally) Linger Long-Term, we’ll show you how to make that dream a reality.

You can gain exclusive access at the bottom of this page—with a very special, deeply discounted offer available today.

This special offer includes the entire event recordings, so you can re-watch it anytime, anywhere – you can even share it with your family and friends—it’s yours to access forever!

Test Drive Living Like a European

Amsterdam still holds the #1 spot for the most bicycle-friendly city in the world.

It’s hard to resist the pull of everything a European lifestyle has to offer…

  • Luxuries for Less: Almost everything in life is cheaper in Europe, when compared to the States—swap Starbucks for a $3 cappuccino and a fresh pastel de nata in Portugal…get all-day spa access to Roman thermal pools in Budapest for $26…or tee off for $37on a “stunning golf course with breathtaking views” in England…
  • The Lazy Man’s Healthy Lifestyle: Dave, from San Francisco, lost 10 pounds… lowered his cholesterol to “optimal” …and, since moving to Portugal, has never felt happier or healthier! And the best part is, he didn’t even try—no expensive gym or bland diets…

Dave said that he “…drank copious amounts of wine and beer and ate all of the delicacies…from pain au chocolat in Paris to duck and dumplings in Prague.”

  • Where It’s Cheaper to Eat Organic—Sally lives in the South of France and loves her local markets where she stocks up on organic foods: “Most of the fruits and vegetables are grown a mile away. We’re on a first-name basis with the butcher. On top of all that, everything costs less than supermarket prices!”

Outdoor markets are a way of life in Italy and France—you can buy anything from bargain antiques to fresh flowers, chocolates and more!

  • Live Car-Free— Make the most of life without the trouble or expense of a car in cities all across Europe…you’ll love that your local cafes, restaurants, and stores are a 5-minute walk away (or less)! Plus, with easy, reliable, and cheap transport too…

Donna, an American living in Paris, says “It doesn’t matter where you are…because you’re never far from a train station…you can just hop on a train and go anywhere you want.”

  • $6 Doctor Check-Ups—Europeans take their low-cost, world-class, public healthcare systems for granted…yet for Americans especially, it can come as a shock how affordable it can be. A doctor’s visit can be as little as $6. Almost everywhere in Europe has free (or almost free) healthcare, and depending on the visa you have, you may have access to that, too.
  • History Around Every Corner— Europe is heaven for history buffs like expat Bill, who can’t get enough: “Down the road is a castle, your pub has been in there for 200 years, the church for a 1,000, and there are Viking ruins under your grocery store!"

Stay in some of the oldest cities on earth—like Athens, Rome, and Lisbon!

  • Home Is Never Too Far Away—Europe is closer than many would think, thanks to direct flight from most east coast cities—fly from Boston and be in Dublin in just over 6 hours…Texas to London takes only 9 hours… Miami to Lisbon takes 8 hours!

But here’s the #1 reason expats based in Europe are so excited about their adventure-filled lives…

A World of Low-Cost, Luxury Travel Awaits You

Imagine if, for less than the cost of trip to the movies, you could discover an entire new culture…a new city…a new country…

In Europe, you can do just that.

$12 direct flights are the norm across Europe—and they can go even lower…

I took a $1 flight from Milan to Prague. The offer was pre-tax so I ended up paying a little more, but it was still an awesome deal!” Chris in Milan

So, if you’ve dreamed of living a jet-setter lifestyle—then it’s never been easier, or more affordable to do it in Europe.

Everything in Europe is close, and easy to get to from almost anywhere…and with some months at a stretch to explore…you’ll have time to discover some of Europe’s, and the world’s, hidden gems, like—

The Tropical Jewel of Europe: This Portuguese island (less than 2 hours from Lisbon) feels like a tropical paradise…mango, avocado, and papaya trees…black volcanic hiking trails…and opulent palaces with lush, manicured gardens. Here, you can rent a plush penthouse with a jaw-dropping view, near the beach, for just $801 a month.

Italy’s Little Sister: Turquoise lakes…hilltop towns…and ancient vineyards might make you think you were Italy—but just a 2-hour drive from Venice and you’re in a brand-new place! Expat Will says he came for the “fantastic nature, friendly people, and good wine.” It’s very affordable too…a 3-course dinner costs less than $50…with premium wine that’s only $2 a glass.

Get Cozy in Holland’s “Happy City”: Take a 25-minute train ride (for $8.70) from Amsterdam and stay in one of the oldest, coziest, and prettiest cities in Holland. Sleep in plush houseboat along the canal, sip coffee in trendy cafes, and make friends with the “happiest locals on earth.”

With just a few months – even weeks – in Europe, you could experience a lifetime’s worth of travel and adventure and culture…

And that’s why we are so excited to share The European Living Seminar, today…

These Experts Will Help You Make Your European
Travel Dreams A Reality

If you’ve ever considered living in Europe for 4 months…6 months…a year…or even longer…

Then these experts can help you.

During The European Living Seminar: Where to Stay, When to Visit, and How to (Legally) Linger Long-Term, you’ll hear from:

Warren and Julie, Long-Term European Expats.

They’ll bring their first-hand experience of putting the “Euro Hopper Visa Waiver” to the test—and tell you about how they have fulfilled their dream of a European retirement—with their two dogs in tow. They like to stay 1 to 3 months in each of their European destinations and really get to know what life is like there. They’ll share their best tips—from renting or buying a car, traveling with pets, and more!

Jim Santos, International Living Podcast.

Every week, Jim brings on guests from around the world who share their experiences of living overseas, part-time, full-time, and for less than it would cost to stay home. During our event, he will be on hand to share his best secrets from planning and enjoying a long European trip—from securing good-value rentals all across Europe to travel tips, tricks, and resources that will make your adventure easier smoother, and more fun.

Jeff Opdyke, International Living’s Personal Finance Expert.

Recently Jeff moved from Prague to Portugal. He’ll reveal what led him to make the move, including the benefits and drawbacks of Portugal today if you’re still working (even remotely). He’ll also talk about a tax strategy that makes $112,000 literally disappear from your taxable income in the U.S.

Terry Coles, IL’s Free Accommodation Expert

She’ll show you how she grabs free accommodation across Europe—and the world. She and her husband, Clyde, roamed Europe rent-free for years, saving thousands in the process—all thanks to this insider strategy. You’ll get the full details on how it works, why it might not be for everyone, and how you can get started today!

Kary Vannice, Earn-with-English Online Masterclass Creator.

Speak English and stay for free in Europe? Yes, it’s possible, and Kary can show you how. She’s helped countless Americans turn speaking English into incredible travel opportunities!

Patricia Casaburi, Managing Director of Global Citizen Solutions.

She leads a team of legal experts based in Lisbon, Portugal. Patricia and her team are our go-to insiders on the ever-changing visa situation on the ground in Europe. She’ll explain the “Euro Hopper Visa Waiver” in full, and will give you the details on your best visa options—like the popular retiree visas, the brand-new digital nomad visas and much more…

Your Host, Dan Prescher, IL’s Senior Editor

Dan will be your host and will make sure you come away with the insights and answers you’re looking for so you see—very clearly—how you might plan your own Europe experience.

Kickstart Your European Adventure

The European Living Seminar Replay is the only thing you’ll need to make that dream long-term stay in Europe happen in the near future.

Inside, you’ll gain the know-how to stay in Europe—long-term, and visa-free…thanks to the countless strategies our experts will share.

But you’ll also learn where to go, when to go, and how to do it for less than it’ll cost back home…thanks to insights like:

  • Where to go in Europe in 2024 for 1 months…3 months…6 months or more! From skiing in Romania…to fall adventures across Ireland…to island hopping down the Greek coast…we have a route for you. Great destination ideas you can use to plan your ideal trip.
  • Find out why the Italian government wants to pay your rent… and how you can get in on that!
  • How to bring your dog, or cat, on a long-stay vacation in Europe—and which destinations are the easiest…
  • Instantly, discover the BEST neighborhood to stay anywhere in the world—before you’ve even landed!
  • Get your hands on the “Magic” Visa-Free Upgrade tip—and have it as a safe backup on your next trip.
  • Explore Europe’s hidden gems like… “Tropical Europe” Islands…Italy’s Little Sister…and Holland’s Happiest City…
  • Learn the nearly forgotten World War 2 Law that’ll let you extend—by double—your stay in Paris
  • Get a 3-minute visa (in Europe’s sunniest destination)
  • NEVER get stuck with a bad rental again, thanks to this simple 6-item checklist…
  • Discover how you can never pay for a hotel again, and take trips where you spend zero dollars on accommodation.
  • Why you need to avoid Europe’s most popular visa...
  • Plus: The New “Euro Hopper Visa Waiver”...
  • …and so much more!

This program is custom-designed to give you a gameplan for 2024 so you can create that dream trip to Europe you’ve always wanted to take.

And you can go back and watch sessions again and review the details. And of course, share them with your loved ones as you make plans for your European getaway together.

Our aim is to connect you with our experts and on-the-ground contacts and resources so that you can find your plan your trip of a lifetime through Europe with ease and with confidence.

This was our biggest, sold-out Europe-focused event of this year—so hurry to grab your access to the entire event right now.

If you delay, you risk missing out. 

What’s more, we’re adding a few extras for you when you say yes today...

You’ll Also Get These FOUR Extra Reports

Extra # 1: The “Euro Hopper Visa Waiver” Handbook: Including More Visa-Free Travel Secrets

This is your easy-to-follow guide to use when planning your own long-term stay in Europe, using the “Euro Hopper Visa Waiver” to stay indefinitely in Europe, hassle-free. It also includes the many other visa-free strategies that we’ll dive into at our special event. Learn about the “magic” visa upgrade that you can put to use in ten top European destinations…like the forgotten WW2 law you could use to extend a stay in France.

Extra # 2: Slow Travel Europe Itineraries For 2024: From 3 Months…6 Months…9 Months…or Even Longer!

The International Living team has handcrafted a bespoke selection of slow-travel routes through Europe, for 2024. Whether you’re traveling for a few weeks, or a few months, we have something ready-made, easy to follow, and a route you can use on your next vacation to Europe.

Extra # 3: How to Find Long-Term Rentals in Europe: Fast, Easy, and Up to 70% Less

Discover all of our best-kept tips, tricks, and secrets to sourcing low-cost, high-quality long-term accommodation across Europe—no matter the time of year. We’ll reveal all, including how to never pay for a hotel again, and another insider tip for homeowners back in the United States!

Extra # 4: 15 Under-the-Radar European Towns Where the Tourists Don’t Go

Take a tour of Europe’s top hidden towns where you won’t find crowds of tourists. In these lesser-visited hotspots, you can really get that authentic, local experience that’s missing in the more popular destinations across Europe (and they tend to be less expensive, too).

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Jennifer Stevens

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November 2023

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  • EXTRA #3: How to Find Long-Term Rentals in Europe: Fast, Easy, and Up to 70% Less
  • EXTRA #4: 15 Under-the-Radar European Towns Where The Tourists Don’t Go
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