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Slash the Cost of Your Real Estate Trend Alert Membership and Guarantee Your Insider Status—with All Its Profit-Focused Benefits and VIP Privileges—for Life

How About Your Own Overseas Escape—for as Little as $50,000? Guarantee Your Insider Status—with All Its Profit-Focused Benefits and VIP Privileges—for Life

Dear Reader,

We're in a low-tax-rate environment right now. But with the debt clock ticking and with momentum in Congress to raise taxes, now's a smart time to think about sheltering some wealth abroad. Owning real estate—when you buy right—can be a smart way to do it.

Holding property abroad can also provide you a hedge against inflation and the dollar losing its value.

What's more, the interest rates are incredibly low today—not just in the US, but also in many overseas markets, and yes, it's possible to get financing from banks and developers, even as a foreigner.

A window of opportunity is open right now, and you'd be wise to take advantage of it.

To that end, I'd like to invite you to become a Lifetime Member of Real Estate Trend Alert—my advisory service—today…while you can do so with the best-value membership deal we've ever offered. No fooling.

You can lock in special insider status with all its profit-focused benefits—for life—for a tiny fraction of the price you'd pay to simply renew.

On the one hand, this is a matter of simple economics.

If you like the sound of getting money-making insights, recommendations, and insider advice from Real Estate Trend Alert, then this offer ensures you'll always receive it—never missing an opportunity anywhere in the world.

But you gain much more than just a screaming deal on a RETA membership…

Through Real Estate Trend Alert I bring members insights from markets all around the world, profit-minded investment recommendations, and—most importantly—access to member-only deals nobody else can get, savings worth thousands of dollars every time…

This access is what sets RETA apart.

In fact, in the past two years, Real Estate Trend Alert members have written to tell me...

"...gain of $51,600 [on a $209,300 condo] in just six weeks...we're happy campers, Ronan!" - L.R., writing about a Caribbean beach town home she learned about in Real Estate Trend Alert

"If not for the information provided by Real Estate Trend Alert, I would never have been aware of the opportunity to purchase a condo in Playa del Carmen at a pre-negotiated discount... only about 4 blocks from the public beach." - T.K.

"Ronan McMahon's Real Estate Trend Alert was what directed my attention to Portugal back in 2015. I ended up buying two condos in the Algarve. They're both fully rented, and have gone up 50% in value in four years. I'll most likely move there when I retire in a couple years." - T.L.

In the last few years, RETA members who have followed my guidance have seen significant gains, like—

  • Appreciation of $53,292 in a few months in Mexico's colonial gem, San Miguel de Allende: In February 2019, I recommended a condo deal to members priced from $159,000. Less than six months later I saw the price list from the developer, who had revised his pricing and planned to go retail at $212,292.
  • $100,000 paper gain in two years on Panama's best beach play: Members bought beachfront condos in The Palms building at Playa Caracol in 2017 from $199,000. In August 2019, a similar-sized condo farther back from the beach with only a side view listed for $299,000.
  • One of my latest...a gain of $70,500 in Tulum: In October 2017 I bought a condo in Tao Tulum...the members-only price was $154,500. I accepted an offer of $225,000 for this condo...

Out of Crisis Comes Opportunity—I'll Show You Where—and How—to Take Advantage of It

Because of the coronavirus crisis the world is in a state of flux.

But out of that uncertainty comes opportunity…

I'd like to help you spot—and take advantage—of it.

Real estate really comes into its own in moments like this. Moments of economic uncertainty, when the stock market is looking like it can't go up forever and when inflation is expected to hit a decade high.

In fact, real estate is one of the very best ways to protect your wealth from inflation.

It's the ultimate hard asset and often sees its greatest price appreciation during periods of high inflation.

Real estate is a popular choice not only because rising prices increase the value of the property over time, but because real estate can also be used to generate rental income. Just as the value of the property rises with inflation, the rental income can increase too.

And there's another great advantage to overseas real estate: it can give you much greater upside exposure in markets that often have decades of growth ahead.

Wearing an investor hat, it's difficult for me to see much sustainable upside in most markets in North America. Most U.S. and Canadian markets are highly leveraged and expensive relative to incomes, very susceptible to interest rates rising or employment falling.

I’ll Point You to Markets with Upside Potential

Better to look for markets with huge upside potential. Markets where even in times of global crisis, you could still do well...

When you’re a RETA member, you’ll know how to find those places.

For example, one of my expert contacts recently alerted me to an opportunity on the coast…

An ocean-view lot (walking distance to the beach) listed for $31,501…

What is Real Estate Trend Alert?

A small group of in-the-know folks follow my recommendations for real estate buys around the world.(Recommendations like how to find bargains in Europe today, where specifically to profit from the surge in people with work-from-home flexibility who are renting on beach towns overseas, why the "Switzerland of the Americas" should be on your radar, and more.) We function, really, as an elite investor's group. And you're invited to join.

Insider trading might be a no-no on Wall Street, but taking the inside track in the world of international real estate is completely legal, above board, safe, easy...and, frankly, smart.

You see, the more people I have in my investor's group, the better terms and prices I can get for everybody.

Think about it this way: If you contact a developer yourself, you're not going to get special pricing unless you're willing to buy multiple units. The developer is going to want full price for a single unit.

But, if there are five people interested in his units, he might drop the price by 10% or 15%. If 10 people want in, he might drop it by 20%. If 20 or 30 people want in, he might offer a discount of 30%...

When I find a market situation I like, and a developer whose project meets the strict criteria I look for, and I can say to that person, "My group would be interested in this opportunity—at the right price. And we could, together, buy out your whole phase 1 inventory, say." Well, then, the developer listens.

He's willing to deal—and deal big—for the comfort of knowing he'll have a significant block of units sold all in one go. It's a welcome kick-start for him—and a smart opportunity for members of my investor's group—Real Estate Trend Alert— to "buy right." Members gain powerful leverage and access to opportunities you couldn't find just walking in off the street.

But this is only the beginning…

As the crisis comes to an end and the world starts opening up again, bargains like this are going to start hitting my inbox thick and fast—and I’m going to share the best opportunities with Real Estate Trend Alert members…

And when you're a Lifetime RETA Member, you can be confident that you'll never miss hearing about any of these worthwhile plays. I will deliver my recommendations and special offerings directly to you. For life.

In the past, the full price to renew a Real Estate Trend Alert membership for one year has been $499. Over two years, that's $998. Renew annually for three years and it would cost $1,497.

Mind you, it's worth every penny, even at the full price, when one single deal I bring to your attention could save you as much as $10,000 (on a Caribbean beach town condo for $134,000)…

Yet right now you can lock in a Lifetime RETA Membership for just $1,497 $599.

The Volume of Opportunities I Have "in the Pipeline" Today is Greater Than it's Ever Been

So as a Lifetime RETA Member over the next few years, you can expect some particularly interesting deals to land in your in-box.

Some of these opportunities take a while to percolate. A lot of research goes into them. My team and I are usually on the road weeks of every month (we’re already scouting again, even in the midst of the pandemic)…and then there's all the due diligence…the negotiating on members' behalf…and, of course, the matter of details coming together on the ground…

In addition, I regularly bring members deals that happen lightning fast, I call these Flash deals, one-off, almost too good to be true opportunities I get to RETA members as quickly as possible—before some other savvy investor snaps them up…

I expect we’ll see a lot of Flash deals over the coming months and years, because of the fallout from this coronavirus crisis…

I am in the business of mining all these different types of opportunities…culling through the mounds of unworthy offerings to identify the gems…and I'm committed to creating for members custom-made deals that only those in-the-know have access to.

Take the Tulum deal I put in front of members recently. It’s a secluded retreat, set to be one of the most exclusive communities in the area. I expect the luxury condos that I told members about for $198,600 could be worth $290,000, three years after delivery. And I think I'm being really conservative.

By way of full disclosure: My company, Pangea Ltd., may earn advertising fees on the deals I pass along to RETA members. This helps fund the travel, due diligence, and resultant legal investigations my team and I do.

Big Opportunities in the Pipeline Over the Next Few Months

There are some big things in the pipeline for the next few months and only RETA members will find out how to potentially profit.

I’m not trying to minimize the challenges many people are facing right now. But the fact is, as real estate investors, the best way we can do our part to help the world recover is by providing capital where it is needed most...

In places where real estate prices have been beaten down.

It won't be long before I'll bring you more details and start opening the door to you on opportunities like this—but remember, the only way to guarantee you'll hear about them is by becoming a Lifetime Real Estate Trend Alert member.

The point is: As a Lifetime RETA Member, you lock in these kind of on-the-ground insights and recommendations—and, even more critically, discounted insider deals—for life.

What I'm offering you today is, really, a "set-it-and-forget-it" opportunity to guarantee you're always plugged in during the entirety of the current economic crisis (which could last years) and beyond.

Special Early Invitation to The Gathering

What's more, Lifetime RETA Members get first dibs at our annual members-only "Gathering." It's a get-together on Mexico's Riviera Maya with me and my team as well as developers and experts I think you should hear from.

We shoot the breeze with my contacts on the best ways to play the hottest deals...pinpoint the lowest-risk plays...discuss the best ways to supercharge our investments...and talk about how to double our money in five years while keeping risk low.

We ask just a modest fee to help cover the cost of cocktails and meals over the two-day event. But that's it. You fly in. You pay for your hotel. It's an intimate gathering each year—and so, as you can imagine, it fills very fast.

That's why it's a genuine benefit for Lifetime RETA Members to have a chance to sign on before regular members do. It wouldn't be unusual for the Gathering to sell out before we even tell regular members it's happening.

Become a Lifetime RETA Member right now, and you'll never have to renew. You'll always be on the inside. You'll always be connected. You'll always have the story nobody else is getting.

And you'll always be well-positioned to profit from it...outside of stocks and bonds, outside the States, often outside the dollar. All I ask to maintain your membership in good standing is a modest annual maintenance fee of $47. With this special offer today, you lock that rate in forever. Even though in the future Lifetime RETA Members may pay more, you never will.

On Wall Street it's the fat-cats that get in early...and get out with millions in the bank. Regular folks like you and me...we're locked out of the best deals.

But when it comes to real estate around the a RETA member, you'll be in-the-know. Very much so.

You'll be hearing about opportunities well before anybody else does—and, more importantly, you're getting access to them that nobody else has.

What You’ll Receive with Lifetime RETA Membership

With this special offer today, you'll receive—

  • Real Estate Trend Alert membership—for life. With all the members-only real estate deals that brings you.
  • Early access to The Gathering, our private event for VIP Members.
  • Access to the recordings from Ronan's "How to Profit From the Global Real Estate Boom" Event.
  • A full library of how-to books and reports.
  • Access to Nancy, your RETA concierge. As an overseas real estate buyer herself, she just knows things, and she's in place to answer your RETA questions.
  • Meaty, action-oriented monthly dispatches sharing insights and recommendations with members.
  • Access to special Flash Deals—these are usually one-off properties that represent great value. Like, for instance, a condo on the beach in Spain for a little over $150,000 ...or a lakeside lot with jaw-dropping views in Costa Rica for $35,000...
  • My monthly Dream Home Digest, which focuses on finding you great-value homes around the world for $150,000 or less.
  • And more... all designed to give you insights about real estate abroad and access to deals you'd never be able to put your hands on all by yourself.

As a Lifetime RETA Member, you guarantee your in-the-know, VIP status—with all its profit-focused benefits. For life. And you can upgrade now for more than half off the value of Lifetime RETA Membership $1,497 $599.

Click the "Order Now" button below to lock in this special invitation to become a Lifetime RETA Member today at a very deep discount during the Fast Track Costa Rica Conference.


Ronan McMahon
Real Estate Trend Alert

P.S. Naturally, this offer is guaranteed. When you upgrade to a Lifetime RETA Membership—for just $1,497 $599, you save more than half off the value of Lifetime Membership.

Give it a try. You've got 30 days to mull it over. And if, within that 30-day period, you decide Lifetime RETA Membership isn't for you after all, just let us know and we'll send you a refund on your membership. Any benefits of membership that you've already claimed are yours to keep.

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Your Lifetime RETA Membership means you’ll always be connected. You’ll always have the story nobody else is getting. To maintain your membership in good standing, a modest maintenance fee of $47 is due annually, starting 12 months from now. (We'll let you know when we're getting ready to charge your credit card.) For you, this fee will never go up, no matter what increases may occur for new members in the future.

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Your Lifetime RETA Membership means you’ll always be connected. You’ll always have the story nobody else is getting. To maintain your membership in good standing, a modest maintenance fee of $47 is due annually, starting 12 months from now. (We'll let you know when we're getting ready to charge your credit card.) For you, this fee will never go up, no matter what increases may occur for new members in the future.

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