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Retire Early and Travel the World... Even on A Social Security Check Alone

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CONGRATULATIONS! You've made a smart decision today to explore the many proven ways you can enjoy a more international life…on as little as a Social Security check alone.

You see, you don't have to be wealthy to live a high-flying, jet-set life…to enjoy a retirement that's rich with experiences you've always wanted to have…to live in comfort and travel often…

You just need to know the shortcuts. When you do, you can live and travel like a king…and do it on a working-class budget.

In International Living, we show you exactly how it's done, sharing all sorts of useful secrets, shortcuts, tips, and tricks…

From how to cruise the world for free…to the trick that lets you stay in luxury at hotels and resorts around the world for as little as 10% of what the guy in the next room is paying…

From the secret to enjoying couture-quality shopping at Target prices…to the shortcut that lets you winter over on a sunny Caribbean island for less than it would cost to stay home…

These days, most people believe that a worry-free, adventure-filled retirement is something only the very wealthy can afford. The advice the "experts" dish out is always: work longer, stock away more, and settle for less in your golden years.

But here's the thing: You don't have to settle for less and merely hope for the best. That isn't the whole story about retirement. Not even close.

You have options—good options—nobody tells you about.

Options that can allow you to expand your lifestyle in retirement and live a richer, more international, more exciting, more rewarding life…without saving another dime.

When you’re a member of International Living, we lift up the hood and show you how it all works...

We share extraordinary travel shortcuts, point you to great-value communities you should know about, connect you to the people on the ground you need to know, and hand you the how-to solutions you need to make the most of every opportunity.

In the right places, you could have a cottage on a quiet beach…an apartment in a vibrant city with a great café culture…a mountain hideaway where the air is crisp…and live the good life, on a Social Security check alone

A budget that would have you scrimping in the States…can be enough to live large on overseas.

It means you could retire early…or even buy that second home you figured you could never afford…and spend the cold winter months in a warm-weather haven you love…

We’re on a mission to help you explore your best options overseas—to show you ways you can live better, travel more, save money, invest profitably, retire comfortably, and do it all even if you have a modest nest egg.

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As soon as we receive your request to join International Living, we’ll send you a confirmation along with your Special Digital Reports, which we’re including for you, FREE (delivery via e-mail). With this special offer today, you get—

  • Special Report # 1: How to Retire on Permanent Vacation: 10 Post-Covid Shortcuts for a Jet-Set Retirement on a Modest Budget (value: $27), yours FREE
  • Special Report # 2: Escape to Europe: How to Beat the Tourist-Visa Rules and Stay as Long as You Want (value: $27), yours FREE
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PLUS...your membership benefits include lots more...

  • At no additional charge—we’ll give you the password-protected digital edition of the magazine each month, too, so you can read it online or download it to your tablet, computer, or phone from anywhere in the world you might find yourself. It’s yours FREE...
  • In addition, you’ll have full subscriber-only, searchable access to our entire online archive—many thousands of useful, eye-opening articles about destinations the world over where you could live better for less, enjoy extraordinary travel experiences, invest ahead of the crowds, and retire in comfort, yours FREE...
  • We’ll also give you a special Premium Edition of IL Postcards, too—each day you’ll learn about the best ways and places to travel, retire, buy real estate, and enjoy life overseas. This complimentary e-mail service is for magazine subscribers only, yours FREE...

Altogether, this special offer hands you resources valued at $210, all yours for as little as $49 today.

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Add a second year of International Living at an even deeper discount, and we'll send you another Special Digital Report as well…

  • Special Report: How and Where to Get a Second Passport in 2022 (value: $27, yours FREE). You may already qualify for a second passport and not even realize it. With a second passport, you can gain greater flexibility in where you live, where you can earn, where you can travel, and more. Plus, this report explores pitfalls to watch out for and hands you a how-to guide for getting a second passport of your own. A second passport can help you avoid foreign policy stigma and “Yankee Go Home” mentality, provide you the legal right to live and work in another country, give you a legacy you can pass to future generations, and more.

My Good-Will, Good-Value Guarantee to You...

I believe that—once you see the benefits of membership in International Living for yourself—you’ll agree: It delivers a world you just don't find anywhere else. So I encourage you to simply give it a try here today.

If—at any point—you decide the recommendations and solutions about living better for less overseas, making money, saving money, and traveling better aren’t for you after all—no problem.

Let us know, and we'll immediately take your name off the membership list and send you a refund on all un-mailed issues of the magazine. No questions, no fuss.

No matter what you decide, the special reports are yours to keep forever… our way of saying thank you for giving our ideas, recommendations, and resources a try.

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“I credit IL for sparking the fire in me to pursue my dreams of traveling and hopefully retiring abroad next year when I leave the traditional work force--at the young old age of 62. The spell-binding articles, photos, and country by country statistics has continuously helped me to narrow down my focus and start my ‘boots- on- the -ground’ research. Thank you IL for all you do.”


“I've been an International Living [member] for several years and must say it is one of the best investments I've ever made... I love their annual retirement place ratings and specific country reports. IL, just keep up the good work and a great big THANK YOU from me and my wife!”


“My husband and I traveled around the world for one year looking for a place to settle. We relied heavily on International Living for advice as to where to go, what to expect, and things to consider. I know our trip would not have been successful without this helpful resource.


“Wonderful, educational and insightful publication for anyone seeking the best first-hand knowledge needed to make an informed decision for living overseas. It was a key resource for our purchase of a home in Mexico. Worth every penny!”


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